Rules of Play

I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to attend a USGA Rules of Golf seminar in Charleston, West Virginia. The recent news from Charleston involves a chemical spill that has contaminated the municipal water supply. To combat potential poisoning I’m taking enough wine that I won’t have to drink the water. Ha!

I hit my first golf ball at the tender age of 23, or so, I think in about 1970. I thought it was a wonderful game, but not something I had time to actively pursue. I ended up playing off and on, mostly off, for the next 35 years. Then I was presented with an opportunity to join a ladies 9-hole league that played weekly. I was terrible, but I got hooked.

Now I’m retired and have the time and wherewithall to play two to three times each week. My game has gotten better, though nothing worth bragging about. I play in local tournaments where I’m competing with women of equal skill and have had some success. I find the Rules and their nuances fascinating. That’s why I’m braving three hours on the road each way in bad weather, avoiding cancerous water, to sit in a hotel meeting room eight hours a day with what I expect will be snotty nosed men.

Will I feel fulfilled afterward? Who knows? Stay tuned.