Comfort Food

Comfort food in our house takes many forms. My quick, go-to meal is spaghetti, generally with an easy red sauce I can throw together in my sleep. Jen leans toward mac-n-cheese. But there is one meal we completely agree is our favorite comfort meal.

On a blazingly hot evening last month, Jen and I decided the first time the high temperature for the day was below 70º that we would cook a pot roast for dinner. Today, September 12, is that day.

We did it up right with carrots and onions and a chuck roast, and mashed potatoes. The prep time was pretty quick—brown the meat, sear the veggies, deglaze the pot with a little red wine, then add everything back in with beef stock and water, cover, and put in a 275º oven for about 3 1/2 hours.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s done. pot roast

My only regret is I should have taken a photo that was in focus before I pigged out. It was so good, and there are left-overs for a few more meals.