Another Winter of Despair

feb snowI enjoyed Winter during my airline days because dealing with snow, ice, and cold temperatures added variety to what had a tendency to be boring during milder seasons. Commencing flight on a frozen morning in Grand Rapids, Michigan for example, would frequently terminate at that evening’s destination, a sunny and warm Columbia, South Carolina. The yin-yang of Winter weather over the Eastern half of the US provided great contrast and an interesting life-style.

Even after my flying days were done, while I was employed, Winter was never worse than cold and occasionally inconvenient. But since I retired three years ago I no longer have ten hours of my day reserved for what I found to be engaging. Overcast skies, temperatures in the mid–20s, and wind chills into the teens is pretty typical Winter weather in Cincinnati, which means it’s uncomfortable just being outside.

2015 was a Winter Without Snow until February, then everything changed. First, temperatures plunged into negative numbers then during about a week our area experienced what the news called “16-inches of the white stuff.” Some would envision snowball fights and snowmen. That makes my life sound benign. Regrettably there’s nothing kindly about moving 90 feet of wet, heavy snow so I can get to the grocery. Tonight the expectation is another six to eight inches—and yet again a morning with a shovel. Thankfully we’re not dealing with Boston-esque quantities of snow, but it’s still a pain in the ass.