We Ordered FitBits Today

We ordered FitBits today. I think I’ll enjoy using mine. I get a kick out the Pedometer++ App on my iPhone, which provides steps walked and flights climbed data, but in order for it to work I have to keep the phone in my pocket. That isn’t always convenient. For example, when I’m playing golf I keep items of golf equipment in my pockets.

FitBit also provides data I couldn’t get from an iPhone, or an Watch for that matter. I’m anxious to have access to sleep data. It’s been a very long time since I slept through the night. FitBit might get some useful diagnostic data that will help me resolve that issue. Or, it could just be old age, in which case I think I’ll take what I can then plan on a permanent sleep sometime in the, hopefully distant, future. In either case, I’ll have data.

The fitness band will pair with my iPhone, though it won’t use Apple’s Health App. I’ll still get real-time data based on my activity, or lack thereof.

So, should I expect that having an activity monitor on my body 24/7 will motivate me to get more exercise? I don’t have that answer yet. Stay tuned.

UPDATE April 18

Our FitBits arrived yesterday, but we didn’t know it until this morning when I looked at the FedEx Web site to see when I might expect delivery. Imagine my surprise when I saw they’d been delivered Friday. When we got it inside, we tore into the package then began setting up our new fitness trackers. After that, we went for a 1.7 mile walk around the neighborhood. I hope we keep our activity level up.

We like our new devices, but there’s one item we’ve identified that’s not up to expectations. The associated application provides for entering the food eaten during a day then compares it to calories burned. Unfortunately there is no discernible way to enter real food. All choices seem to be restaurant food. That is not realistic, unless the target audience for the device are upper-income 20-somethings who never learned to cook. Nice try, FitBit. Those are the people who will be buying Watches.

UPDATE April 19

Our initial reaction is that FitBits have become problematic due to wildly inaccurate readings. I was surprised this morning when I found that after I had gotten out of bed, then walked the 14 steps to get downstairs, and the 18 steps from the bottom of the stairs into the kitchen, that I had somehow accumulated in excess of 4,000 steps. Based on my activities today I should have had fewer than 5,000 steps counted. As of 11:26 PM FitBit has logged 12,856.

Equally unreasonable readings have caused Jen to decide the FitBit isn’t worth the cost. I’ve made some adjustments to the settings in the hope that it will all better when I get up in the morning. I’m holding out for anywhere from a day or two, to a week to decide whether they both go back or not. If return is the final decision I will be sad.

The Plant Farm

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph flowers and stuff at Greenfield Plant Farm on Clough Pike in Anderson Township.

greenfield sign

It’s still early Spring, but the plant farm was pretty gorgeous anyway. The management allowed me to wander around the facility as they were closing for the day, which meant I wasn’t distracting customers. I walked the facility twice—things I missed the first time around I caught the second.

yellow flower 2

I photographed lots of flowers, but at a plant farm brightly colored blossoms are ubiquitous.

harvester wheel

I found the not expected, like a rusted harvester wheel in front of a flowering tree or sections of white picket fence nailed to a barn wall, more interesting.

fence wall

You can never have too many photographs of flowers, can you?

red flower 2

I’m especially happy when I can combine flowers with a quirky viewpoint

pot through the pump

I’m grateful to the owner and the manager at Greenfield for allowing me to wander. I get a kick out of setting up shots and clicking the shutter.

Life is more pleasing these days. I’m getting out with the camera frequently, and I’m playing golf (more on that later). The depression of Winter is evaporating. Good riddance. Spring is finally here!

Communing with the Dead

I have a fondness for strolling around old cemeteries. I like imagining the times in which people lived. Was the occupant of the grave alive for the Declaration of Independence? What about the Constitutional Convention? Or, the Civil War? Conflicts aside, I wonder what social changes occurred during the person’s lifetime.

eleanor land

Yesterday Jen and I went to Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum. Neither of us had been there before, but we had both heard of its beauty. We spent about 1 1/2 hours walking and photographing.

Our area has just come out of a hard winter. There were few flowers or trees in bloom. The statuary and mausoleums made up for the lack of colorful bushes.

angel statue

One overriding impression I had was some people had an overblown opinion of themselves. Sculptors and architects must have been among the most sought-after artists in their day.

monster mausoleum

We got some exercise, contemplated history, and generally had a great time.

spring grove pond

There’s so much we didn’t see. We’ve vowed to return when the flowers are in bloom.