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Working in Lightroom 5 on second monitor

]1 Pushing pixels in Adobe Lightroom 5

9to5 Mac published an item about Lightroom, including information that an iOS version is available for the iPhone. Thinking Lightroom is part of a pixel pusher’s toolbox and not really suitable for the small screen I posted a comment saying so. The immediate reply was from a pro photographer who uses the iPad version as his initial culling workflow tool before starting the editing process. I hadn’t thought of that, what a great idea. I don’t have the same volume of images the pro does, but I thought maybe I could improve my own workflow by doing the same thing – I don’t need to be sorting through 200 photos on the computer, I don’t do that well. I downloaded Lightroom Mobile for the iPad; heck, it’s free… for 30-days. At the end of that time I’ll be expected to give Adobe some money.  If I could purchase it for a reasonable price I’d consider keeping Lightroom Mobile after the free trial expires. But if the only option puts me into Adobe’s $10 per month rental that includes Photoshop I’ll decline. In either case I expect an opportunity to learn a different workflow; and if Adobe wants big bucks from me I’m certain I’ll be able to find an App that will allow me to sort RAW images on the iPad before sending them on to the real work I do in Lightroom 5 on my Mac.

(UPDATE) After the free trial expired I realized I had not used Lightroom Mobile at all in my workflow. I removed it from my iPad without regret. I’ve gotten better at culling on the big screen and have no doubt I’ll continue to improve.